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Advanced & Hygienic Production Method

We have a full-fledged mushroom cultivation plant including a Spawn lab, substrate unit, growing unit, food-processing and packaging unit over an area of 1.5 acre land)

Our production facility consists of round the year - AC Plant equipped with latest equipment. We use innovative and scientific technologies of growing mushrooms. Our substrate Uttrakhand, Himachal UP, MP and J & K .

We produce Organic, chemical free , natural, gluten, Vegan A grade quality , healthy Exotic and medicinal Mushrooms – these are from fruiting body not mycelium. reasonable and affordable then imported chinese mushroom.

Substrate preparation

We grow Mushrooms on a substrate, which is a material that provides nutrients for the mushrooms to grow. Common substrates include straw, sawdust, and organic matter. The substrate is first pasteurized to kill any unwanted microorganisms, then inoculated with mushroom spawn.

Spawn production

Spawn is the vegetative part of the mushroom that grows underground. Spawn is typically produced in a laboratory using a sterile culture of mycelium; however, we use fruiting bodies instead of the Mycelium. This sets apart our mushrooms, which are chemical free.


Once the substrate is inoculated with spawn, it is placed in a controlled environment where the temperature, humidity, and light levels are carefully regulated to simulate the natural growing conditions for mushrooms. The mushrooms are harvested when they reach the desired size and maturity.

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