Hanzen International Founded -2013

Hiresha Verma founded the Proprietory firm and started production of Substrate/Compost for small group of farmers and seasonal mushrooms for market.

Awarded Uttrakhand State Award in Mushroom Farming- 2015

Started a Round the Year A.C Plant with the Capacity of 100 kg per day in 2 Growing rooms equipped with latest technologies and Scientific way of growing mushrooms.

Got National Award in Mushroom Farming by Govt of India - ICAR -2016

Increased the Production Capacity to 500 kg per day with 6 Growing rooms.

Our Capacity was raised to 1000 kg per day and compost was distributed all over Uttrakhand.

Substrate facility begins an ambitious investment project to expand the facility by 30% and make the facility the most environmentally friendly Substrate.

Expansion in Mushroom Variety - 2018 (3 Days)

Along with Button mushrooms we started growing other mushrooms like Oyster, Milky and Portabello. Compost was distributed in Uttrakhand and U.P with more Customers.

Started Retail - 2019

Han Agrocare was born with Legal entity with the Diversification into Exotic and Medicinal Mushrooms like Shitake and Ganoderma. Started supplying our First Retail Customer. Got Best Social Enterprise Award.

Diversified into Value Added Products with our Brand name AANCHI - 2020

Our Business Model is Social – Business enterprise. With the blend of technology, hardwork and strong dermination we want to grow step by step towards our Goal and provide value added products made byy mushroom and love to everyone.

Our Story

Han Agrocare is one of the suppliers of fresh mushrooms who have started production from a small Servant Quarter , than grown mushrooms in Huts and did Seasonal Growing and than ventured into Round the Year -AC Plant equipped with latest equipments , growing technologies and Scientific ways of growing mushrooms. Our Compost is supplied to all the Hilly regions of Uttrakhand, UP, and Himachal.