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We conduct certification courses on the cultivation of mushrooms as detailed below. These are both online and offline . The duration of the courses vary. For more details write to us at

Certification program in Cultivation technology
  • ➢ Cultivation technology of Button Mushroom
  • ➢ Cultivation technology of Oyster Mushroom
  • ➢ Cultivation technology of Milky Mushroom
Certificate program in commercial cultivation
  • ➢ Commercial Cultivation Technology of Button Mushroom
  • ➢ Commercial Cultivation Technology of Oyster Mushroom
  • ➢ Commercial Cultivation Technology of Milky Mushroom
  • ➢ Disease Management
  • ➢ Infrastructure Requirement
  • ➢ Nutritional and Medicinal properties
  • ➢ Mechanizing Mushroom Farm
  • ➢ Marketing
Certificate program in EXOTIC MUSHROOM cultivation
  • ➢ Commercial Cultivation Technology of Shiitake mushroom
  • ➢ Commercial Cultivation Technology of Ganoderma
  • ➢ Disease Management
  • ➢ Marketing
Certificate course in ORGANIC FARMING
  • ➢ Vermicomposting
  • ➢ Azolla Cultivation (fresh water fern)
  • ➢ Benefits of organic farming
Certificate course in AGRI BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

Agri Business Management is a specialised management programmethat focuses on the business aspect of agriculture production and itstrade.

Certificate course on APICULTURE

Apiculture is the scientific rearing of honey bee for the commercialproduction of honey and other bee products like wax, pollen, beevenom and royal jelly. It is commonly called as Bee Keeping.

  • ➢ Introduction & theory of Bee Keeping
  • ➢ Practical
  • ➢ Introduction to different bee variety

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