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About us

Hanagrocare is a Social – Business enterprise , a blend of social good , innovative technology, hard work , women power and love ; Which results in healthy mushrooms round the year.



About our Founder - Dr. Hiresha Verma

Dr.Hiresha Verma, also known as the Mushroom lady of India , is a techie turned into entrepreneur who has empowered thousands of women by helping them create a livelihood through Mushroom farming. She was also selected as one of the top 100 women transforming India by Niti Ayog in 2019

She is the Pioneer in introducing Medicinal Mushrooms in India on a Commercial level and creating a Sustainable production model and therefore Hanagrocare was awarded CII innovation award in 2017 and also selected as the top 10 Agri companies in Agri Udaan 2019. She was instrumental in converting the Agri waste to generate a Protein and Vitamin D-rich superfood as a Medicinal mushroom which is anticancer, antiviral and anti – inflammatory and helps in alleviating malnutrition and provides a nutritious diet to the common man. While everyone is producing Button and Oyster Mushrooms in India, She introduced medicinal mushrooms like Shiitake, Ganoderma and Lion's mane in the Indian market hence reducing the dependence on imported mushrooms from China.

Per day capacity of production of the medicinal mushrooms in her farms is about two tons.

Hiresha had a latent inclination towards sustainable development through environmental conservation and human development which led her to shun her booming career as an IT professional and she set up on an entrepreneurial journey. She started in the year 2013 with the aim of supporting the flood victims in Uttarakhand.

Hiresha transformed the lives of more than 5000 women, landless farmers and tribals by upskilling them ,providing technical support to produce Mushrooms and buying back the produce from them, hence doubling their incomes.

Dr Hiresha is also the State President of Uttarakhand Food Processing Council and she overlooks the skill & research development and mentorship programs to enable entrepreneurs to increase market share and improve the branding of their products.

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